If you’re reading this, it means you wish to have or already have an online business. We live in one of the best regions in the world in terms of e-commerce growth and digital technology availability. You can find good programmers, SEO specialists and optimization technology basically everywhere. You can implement complex strategies and see results fast. But...

The Game is changing

Maybe your SEO consultants told you that continuous optimization is the key for performant site indexing. Then they proposed a new strategy against competition, a strategy focused on keywords. Then they came again and said that good quality content is the new secret. Then again, they changed everything on your site: paging, titles, photos, links. Each time you trusted your consultants, you invested and you got your results, sometimes good results, sometimes bad results.

I am here to tell you today that the game is changing once more and giants like Google or Facebook have a new approach on the famous search bots which basically decide whether you are the first in search results or your business is lost somewhere on the page 20 or 30 of the search engine.

Pal Emil Lucian - Owner

Artificial intelligence = new king

Content is not the king in the online website indexing anymore. The “battles” you fought for keywords with your competitors can no longer make the decisive difference between profit and loss. This is arguable, of course, anyhow for each dollar you invest you might not get the results you were used to. Latest news confirm that search bots have evolved more than expected in the last years. Actually, today search bots are capable of analyzing the complete human experience that a user can have on your website.

Ultimele informatii arata ca robotii de indexare au evoluat in progresie geometrica in ultimii ani. La ora actuala, un search bot analizeaza experienta complexa pe care utilizatorul o poate avea pe site-ul tau.

What are the facilities you can offer to your visitors? How you manage to attract and maintain the visitor’s attention on your products? How easy is it to get information from your website? Is your website intuitive? Do you offer more than quality & relevant content?

Micro interactions make the difference

Our main objective is to get you in the outpost of research related to online marketing and optimization of electronic commerce. One of the revolutionary strategies we use is to create micro interactions between your website and the visitors, as a decisive factor of better indexing your site in the search engines.

Think of the flash lights of your car every time you lock the doors. Or think about the familiar sound of notifications you get on your smart phone. Or the green led light switched on when charging is complete. Or the price calculators available on various sites. All these are micro interactions which help you decide whether you love or you just like / unlike a product.

Now think you your company selling online cameras, furniture, buttons or whatever else comes in your mind. Imagine that if a potential customer spends 5 seconds looking at a specific product on your site, then the site “knows” this and automatically opens an extension with additional info for the user to see. Just as you would read his/ her thoughts and offer additional data without the visitor needing to make additional searches or clicks. This is a simple example of micro interaction that we can build on you web site.

We have a whole arsenal of micro interactions and gadgets which attract and keep people connected to your business, deliver the information in a smart way, are fun, creative and transform your website in a nice experience for the customer.

UNIC WEB offers innovative strategies that will raise you online business to the next level. We design custom strategies and timetables that will provide solid growth in time. (We would love to just provide a price list and the benefits you get if you pay 100, 1,000 or 10,000 dollars, but it just doesn’t work that way).

UNIC WEB focuses on strategies that brig the sense of authenticity both for the visitors and the search bots. Automatic SEO plans (for example 1 blog post + 1 Facebook post each day), don’t work anymore as they are easily uncrypted by the AI.

We don’t look for projects on 1,000 websites in a year. Our belief is that we can transform effectively the way your business performs in the online environment. But this means months or even years of hard work. It means being partners in a journey. If you want a stable solid online business, if you want value added solutions and a community of loyal customers instead of just a list of visitors that might buy, things are quite simple: we come to you, we run together an audit of your website, agree what needs to be done, start implementing our strategies and follow up results.

Pillars of the optimal strategy for your website

AI is the new king

UNIC WEB adapts your online presence for complex interactions with the artificial intelligence that analyzes and decide whether your site is relevant or not in the search results. The old strategies based solely on key words are not to be abandoned, but the “new wave” must consider the user experience as a whole.

Our own tools that work

UNIC WEB offers strong sales tools with the help of our multivendor platforms and portals. In this way, your website and your business can count on alternative channels with decisive impact in growing the profits of the companies that are our customers today.

SEO signals

We plan and put to work complex strategies that mix in all social media environments and relevant third party websites. Complexity means costs but it also brings stable results on the long term.


The automatic SE strategies cannot face alone the new approaches in matter of websites indexing. We create custom patterns and different consistent implementation strategies which will enhance the authenticity of the entire process.

SEO Optimization

Depending on the stage in which your online business is right now, we can initate SEO strategies that will transform fast your website in a performance driver for your business.

  • 15 years of solid experience in programming, online marketing and e-commerce strategies;
  • Detailed optimization – each feature, page, link, photo and word on your website;
  • Clear action plans, evaluation and follow up of the results – what you pay is what you get;
  • We launch on-site and off-site SEO campaigns, we integrate strategies on multiple platforms and use innovative methods to generate growth of your business;
  • We help your business reach a higher level and keep you always on the first search page.

SEO Audit

To implement coherent SEO strategies, we run a quick diagnose through a SEO audit which will help you understand:

  • which are the key words and search terms you need to exploit to grow the number of visitors and customers;
  • how your business is perceived by customers, what are the ups you need to maintain and what are the downs you need to improve, the complete picture of the enhancements needed to generate quick growth;
  • who are your competitors and which are their main features; what you can learn from them and how to protect yourself from competition on the market.

SEO audit is critical for any company which has an online business and desires development and profit. We get you real results, so get in touch with as and go up to the next level!

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